About Open Britain

Open Britain is campaigning for Britain to be open and inclusive, open for business, open to trade and investment, open to talent and hard work, open to Europe and to the world. 

Open Britain believes Britain is stronger with Europe. We do not want to return to the arguments of the referendum: Britain is leaving the EU. Now, we want the best possible deal that protects our economy, society, national security and place in the world.

The referendum exposed divisions across our country that must be addressed, but we refuse to accept Britain has to be a divided country. We hope to grow a volunteer-led organisation that will be active in all parts of the UK, working with people on all sides of this historic debate.

Open Britain has three core objectives.

The best deal for Britain

Open Britain will seek to shape the debate around the UK’s future relationship with Europe. In or Out of the EU, Europe is central to the future of our country: our economy, our environment, our cohesion. We are stronger with Europe. Our initial priorities are:

  • Protecting the UK economy. For trade, innovation, jobs and growth, the UK should be a member of the Single Market, based on a new, bespoke arrangement.
  • Valuing talent and hard work, with a fairer system. The UK should ‘mend not end’ free movement so the system works more fairly.
  • National security through deep co-operation. Unprecedented co-operation over security is essential to defend against shared threats.
  • Billions in investment protected. All EU funding must be protected until 2020.
  • Protecting our natural environment. The UK must be a leader on environmental issues and climate change by preserving EU-based protections.
  • Dignity and equality within the workplace. Nothing must be done to undermine employment and anti-discrimination rights that come from the EU.
  • Protecting the integrity of the United Kingdom. It is critical that the Government places the constitutional stability of the UK at the forefront of its negotiating stance. 

Making a positive case for Europe

As our relationship with Europe shifts, so too must our public discourse. ‘Europe’ has too often been seen as ‘over there’, not as a vital partner and extension of our home market that is critical for our national interest.

Europe is not perfect, but over decades its advocates have been far too reticent about making a positive case. The rancour of the referendum debate risks this becoming a permanent mind-set, but we must now champion the power, prosperity and influence it gives us.

We want to be part of a culture-shift that values and promotes a close relationship, which also means defending an open, inclusive society. We will make the positive case for immigration, while also arguing that the system as a whole can be fairer.

Growing the grassroots

Open Britain only exists thanks to the contribution and commitment of our supporter base across the country. Together we want to campaign on our values and priorities in every town and city across the country, working collaboratively with pro-European organisations of all shapes and sizes.

We will seek to maintain and grow our network of supporters, working not just with those who voted Remain but by starting open conversations with those who voted Leave. We believe Leave and Remain voters seek the same things – security, opportunity, a confident, outward-facing country – and we want to help find common ground across Britain.

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