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Ask your MP to vote against the Withdrawal Bill timetable

Leave campaigners said that Brexit would take back control from Brussels and give it back to our sovereign Parliament. But now they are trying to gag MPs and stop them being able to hold the Government to account on behalf of our constituents.

On Monday, MPs will vote on the parliamentary timetable for the EU Withdrawal Bill. The Government wants to give us just eight days to scrutinise one of the most important Bills in British history. A Bill that could put all the rights and protections accumulated over 40 years of EU membership at risk. It’s a fraction of the time allotted for debate about European treaties in the past.

We need your help to stop the Government railroading this undemocratic bill through the House of Commons. Will you write to your MP calling on them to vote against the Government’s timetable on Monday?

Use the form to enter your address to find your local MP and send them an email telling them how you feel. A template email is provided but please do personalise it if you want to.