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Ask your MP to secure the best deal for Britain

At Open Britain, we are campaigning for the best possible deal with the EU after Brexit. There is still uncertainty around many aspects of Brexit, including:

  • If no deal is achieved in two years, trade will cost more. This could cost jobs and lead to higher prices. Who will pay for that? 
  • Leaving the EU doesn’t mean we need to leave the Single Market. We didn’t vote to be poorer, did we? 
  • The rights of EU nationals, many of whom work in our vital public services, are not guaranteed. If you worked hard and contributed to our country, wouldn’t you expect the Government to support you?

These questions need to be answered. Your voice on the UK's future relationship with Europe needs to be heard. You can influence the debate. Will you Email your MP and ask them to answer the above questions on our future deal with the EU? 

Please use the form to write an email to your MP. Get started by entering your address to find the MP for your area. A template email is provided but please do personalise it if you want to.

  • If you voted for them at the last election, tell them. Your vote is important to them.
  • Tell them how a hard, destructive Brexit will affect you, your family and your community.
  • Be polite. Be respectful of those who have a different opinion.
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