Some of our supporters in Parliament

Pat McFadden

Pat McFadden MP | Labour

“Open Britain is continuing to argue for the economic well-being of the country and for a United Kingdom which is confident and outward looking, not one which is going to shrink into nationalism and pursue a Brexit at all costs.”

Anna Soubry

Anna Soubry MP | Conservative

"As the real Brexit process begins, and some of the rhetoric we have heard over the last year collides with the reality of Brexit, it is vital that MPs of all parties do what they can to fight for an open, tolerant future for Britain."

Norman Lamb

Norman Lamb MP | Liberal Democrat

“There is no mandate for a hard Brexit that puts jobs at risk. I’m supporting Open Britain to oppose a Brexit deal that leaves working people worse off.”

Dominic Grieve

Dominic Grieve QC MP | Conservative

“It is crucial that Parliament has the opportunity to debate and scrutinise Brexit in the public interest. That’s why I’m supporting Open Britain.”

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg MP | Liberal Democrat

"I’m supporting Open Britain because of their great work across all political parties, and beyond politics, in campaigning against a hard, destructive Brexit."

Chuka Umunna

Chuka Umunna MP | Labour

"Working people cannot afford for the Government to be given a blank cheque for hard Brexit. That’s why I’m proud to support Open Britain."

Chris Leslie

Chris Leslie MP | Labour

"I’m supporting Open Britain to hold the Government to account for their promise to get a trade deal with Europe that delivers ‘the exact same benefits’ as we have now, as David Davis said"

Some of our supporters in business & civil society

Niamh Barker

Niamh Barker | Founder and Managing Director, The Travelwrap Company

“I run an international ecommerce business selling Scottish cashmere. One of our target audiences is Europe, the Single Market gives us access to this audience, without which it will be expensive and logistically much more difficult to trade in the EU.”

Rishi Chowdhury

Rishi Chowdhury | Co-Founder, IncuBus Ventures Ltd

“We work with many later stage startups for which the Single Market is a huge benefit. The Single Market lowers barriers to trade and allows ideas and talent to easily cross borders. That’s why I’m supporting Open Britain’s campaign to keep Britain in the Single Market, which will help companies like ours continue to grow and innovate."

Rahul Parekh

Rahul Parekh | Co-Founder and CEO, Eat First

“Small businesses like mine are able to grow and innovate thanks to hassle-free access to talent from Europe. At EatFirst we’re proud to have an incredible and extremely diverse team, both from the UK and Europe. We have hired developers from Portugal, chefs from Italy, operations talent from Spain and Social Marketers from Croatia, to name a few, alongside our brilliant team of British staff. I want Britain to be open to trade and talent, which is why I’m supporting Open Britain.”

Merilee Karr

Merilee Karr | Founder and CEO, Under the Doormat

“We are in the business of welcoming guests from around the world, helping them experience London like a local while enabling Londoners to make some extra income from their home when they are away.  Openness is part of who we are and we support staying open as part of the single market.”

Russ Shaw

Russ Shaw | Founder, Tech London Advocates

“Open Britain has the experience and the passion required to hold the government to account. UK business faces considerable uncertainty around access to talent and trade, so I am proud on behalf of Tech London Advocates to support the group’s effort to ensure the best outcome for British business and workers.”

Nic Wistreich

Nic Wistreich | Editor, World Film Finance Handbook

"Membership of the EU has given British filmmakers access to hundreds of millions in funding and support, as well as networks across the continent for finance, distribution and exhibition. It also allowed me to take a van full of books to Cannes, selling copies at the film festival, at the local bookshop and on the Croisette, without filling in a single form. That’s why I’m pleased to support the Open Britain campaign”

Martha Lane Fox

Martha Lane Fox | Founder & Executive Chair of

"Soft or hard or any other kind of brexit, one of the things I hope everyone agrees on is an open, inclusive and successful Britain"

Evgeny Shadchnev

Evgeny Shadchnev | Co-Founder and CEO, Makers Academy

"Our business was built by an international team from day one, serving customers from all over EU. Without access to the Single Market, we would have created fewer jobs in the UK"

Chris Southworth

Chris Southworth | Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce UK

“The EU single market was designed to make trade and investment easy. For first time exporters, it’s familiar and low cost, for small companies in supply chains it allows them to trade with minimal red tape, for investors everyone is working to common standards. With the UK leaving the single market, the challenge is to try and replicate this environment through a free trade agreement without adding additional cost and red tape.”

Craig Bennett

Craig Bennett | CEO, Friends of the Earth

"Brexit means different things to different people. But one thing we do know is that no one voted – leave or remain – with the stated intention of making things worse. This holds especially true for the environment. Brexit is not, and must not be used as, an excuse to row back on ambition and undermine European protections that have led to cleaner UK beaches, more abundant nature and healthier air and water.”

Martin McKee

Professor Martin McKee CBE | London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Co-founder of the Healthier IN the EU campaign

“It is essential that the NHS continues to have access to the skills it needs. That means we must be able to freely hire European workers with all the rights they now enjoy as EU citizens  to fill posts in the years ahead. If we leave the EU the NHS will suffer enormous damage if it is hamstrung in its hiring practices by a future work permits scheme; by salary or skills thresholds; or by overall quotas. That’s why I’m supporting Open Britain’s campaign to ensure the rights of EU workers in the NHS are protected.”

Some of our volunteer team leaders

Rob Griffiths

Rob Griffiths | Open Britain South Central London

“I want the UK to have a close relationship with Europe while respecting the result of the referendum. The UK voted to leave, but not to ruin our country or destabilise relationships across the continent in the process.”

Samira Ann Qassim

Samira Ann Qassim | Open Britain South Central London

"I am supporting Open Britain because collaborating with our European friends makes us richer - socially, economically and culturally."

Jenny Lacey

Jenny Lacey | Open Britain Bristol

"I support Open Britain because I believe that hard working and talented people coming from across Europe to live and work in Britain makes us a more interesting and successful country."

Ian Collard

Ian Collard | Open Britain Stafford

"What Britain has built with EU, what Britain has achieved through the EU, and what Britain has gained from the EU is too important to be denied to future generations."

Matthew Mahabadi

Matthew Mahabadi | Open Britain Peterborough

"I am extremely proud to support Open Britain. It is the only credible, non-partisan organisation that exists to hold this Government to account, to defend the rights and share the voices of all voters, not just the voices of the 52%."

Martin Yuille

Martin Yuille | Open Britain Greater Manchester South

"I support Open Britain because absolutely no-one should be allowed lose from Brexit. Any talk of 'priorities' in May's dealings on Brexit means that she is prepared to de-prioritise something else. In other words to neglect some people or things."

Manuel Magalhaes

Manuel Magalhaes | Open Britain Richmond, London

"The reason I’m supporting Open Britain is based on my belief that a close engagement with Europe and an open (inviting) context for EU citizens and shared-resources will enhance the prosperity of Britain in an ever interconnected world"

Jane Barrett

Jane Barrett | Open Britain Buxton

"I think that the people who voted for Brexit did so for many different reasons and there was certainly no majority for a Hard Brexit that will make us poorer and weaker. However Brexit is now being driven by Europhobe fanatics at the Daily Mail and on the Tory backbenches, and I support Open Britain's campaign to resist this and get the best possible deal, and for Parliament to have a meaningful input into the process."

Rob Scriven

Rob Scriven | Open Britain Peterborough

"I'm British since birth and voted remain in the referendum. Working for a Maltese company and having an Italian partner, the results have left me somewhat uncertain for the future. I know Brexit must happen but I'm eager to know the outcome of the negotiations the government undertake with the UK will have good outcomes, both for myself and the country as a whole. I'm supporting Open Britain because I feel that unlike other Brexit related campaigners, they understand this point of view. Whether you voted leave or remain, (or you didn't vote at all!) - if you feel the same, join up and help add your voice to make sure the government do what is right for everyone."

Luke Lewis

Luke Lewis | Open Britain Beckenham

"I run a campaigning group in the Beckenham area. I'm supporting Open Britain because I think hard Brexit is an avoidable catastrophe, and I want to stand up for values of internationalism and tolerance. The mean-spirited, anti-immigrant outlook of the current government and the Brexit press is not who we are as a country."

Ailar Hashemzadeh

Ailar Hashemzadeh | Open Britain South Central London

“I am supporting Open Britain to challenge the government’s disastrous Brexit strategy which I believe will make the UK weaker, poorer and less prosperous. Only a cross party organisation like Open Britain can build a movement to ensure that the UK maintains as close a relationship with the EU as possible, which I believe is essential to the future success of our country.”

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