Stronger with Europe: the best deal for Britain

Open Britain is campaigning for the best deal between the UK and EU. Below are our opening and ambitious positions we believe the UK government should adopt in the national interest.

  • Protecting the UK economy. To minimise the cost of leaving and maximise national opportunities for trade, innovation, jobs and growth, the UK should be a member of the Single Market. This should be based on a bespoke UK-EU agreement which prioritises continued elimination of non-tariff barriers and continued influence over regulatory decision-making so the UK is a ‘rule maker’ not a ‘rule taker’.
  • Valuing talent and hard work, with a fairer system. The UK should ‘mend not end’ free movement, with an EU-wide debate on how the system works, looking at a range of reform options to mitigate negative economic outcomes if they arise. Domestic policy proposals include introducing a Migration Impact Fund, banning agencies advertising solely overseas, and guaranteeing the rights of existing EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU.
  • National security through deep co-operation. Unprecedented co-operation over intelligence-sharing and security and defence policy is essential to protect ourselves against shared threats.
  • Billions in investment protected. All EU funding to our regions, universities, businesses, agricultural sector and infrastructure must be protected until 2020, with no cuts at all, and greater clarity must be provided by the Government over funding beyond 2020.
  •  Protecting our natural environment. Continue to be a leader in Europe and in the world on environmental protection and climate change by committing to preserve the protections to which we are currently committed as a member of the EU.
  •  Dignity and equality within the workplace. Nothing must be done to undermine employment rights, and all rights guaranteed by the EU must be immediately translated into UK law. 
  • Protecting the integrity of the United Kingdom. It is critical that the Government places the constitutional stability of the UK at the forefront of its negotiating stance. Nothing should be done which threatens the integrity of the UK.

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