Adonis – EASA concession is a recognition of reality from the Government

The Government is planning for the UK to remain a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) after Brexit, Sky News reports today.

Commenting, Andrew Adonis, leading supporter of Open Britain and former Secretary of State for Transport, said:

“If true, this is a welcome recognition of reality from the Government. They are right to put passenger safety and the health of our airline industry above their dogmatic red line on the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. 

“This could be just the start and there could be more to come, as Ministers face a series of regulatory crises and start to see the importance of many other EU programmes which also involve the ECJ. The Government should be negotiating to keep Britain in the Single Market and Customs Union, along with vital organisations like Europol and the European Medicines Agency.

“Nobody voted to sacrifice our security and prosperity on the altar of a narrow view of judicial sovereignty. If the Brexit people were sold does not match up to the one that is delivered, they have the right to keep an open mind about our future.”


Notes to editors:

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