Alexander – Government’s line on Japan trade deal shows importance of Single Market membership to Britain

Commenting on news that the Government is seeking a UK-Japan free trade deal based on the putative EU-Japan free trade agreement, Heidi Alexander MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Government promised us a brave new world where countries were queuing up to sign trade deals with global Britain after Brexit. But now they admit all they want to do is replicate the deal the EU is already negotiating with Japan, probably because the Japanese don’t even want to discuss a trade deal with us until they know what our future trading arrangement with the EU will look like.

“Through our membership of the EU, Britain has trade deals with over fifty countries around the world. The Government’s priority must be to ensure that all of these will remain in place after we leave the EU.

“Future trade deals outside the EU are so uncertain that the best way to protect jobs and our economy is to keep Britain in the Single Market and Customs Union and retain totally free trade with our biggest economic partner.”