Alexander – Hard Brexiters’ ‘£350 million for the NHS’ lie now coming back to haunt them

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of the NHS, will say in a speech today that the health service must get the £350 million extra per week in funding promised by the Vote Leave campaign during the Brexit referendum. 

He will say that any failure to do so, or any attempt to explain that hard Brexit actually means less funding for the NHS, would risk undermining the British people’s faith in politics.

Commenting on today’s story, Heidi Alexander MP, leading supporter of Open Britain and former Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“Hard Brexiters’ famous lie of £350 million more a week for the NHS is coming back to haunt them. The head of the NHS now says that if the extra money is not delivered, trust in politics could be undermined.

“The reality is that Brexit will cause staff and funding shortfalls that could break the NHS. Patients are likely to have to wait longer to get access to new drugs and we could see real problems in the NHS accessing medical isotopes which are used to diagnose and treat cancer. 

“The British public have the right to look at what is happening with the NHS and ask if it matches up with what was promised during the referendum. If it doesn’t, everyone has the right to change their minds.”


Notes to editors:

The full story on today’s speech by NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens can be read here.