Alexander – Ministers cannot spin this failed European Council as a success

Commenting on Theresa May’s press conference at the close of this European Council summit, Heidi Alexander MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Like a teenager trying to get away with handing in their homework late, Theresa May is running out of excuses for her lack of progress. This European Council was meant to wrap up issues like Northern Ireland and citizens’ rights and begin serious negotiations on trade – but now it turns out those talks will not begin before December at the earliest.

“It is nauseating to see Ministers who told us that Brexit would be easy now trying to spin this failed summit as a success. To have not made sufficient progress in negotiations 16 months after the referendum is an unambiguous failure.

“The Government’s fantasy of negotiating a trade deal with the EU that gives Britain the ‘exact same benefits’ as membership is as unachievable as ever. The only way to prevent a hard Brexit that damages our trade with Europe and puts jobs at risk is to keep Britain in the Single Market and the Customs Union for the long term.”