Altmann – British people have the right to keep an open mind on Brexit

Commenting on the deal struck in Brussels on phase one of the Brexit negotiations, Baroness Ros Altmann, leading supporter of Open Britain and former Minister of State for Pensions, said:

“This is astounding. It splits the United Kingdom and I cannot see how anyone who voted to Remain in the EU, who lives in Scotland, London, Wales or anywhere else in Great Britain would feel this was fair.

“Peace on the island of Ireland is precious and must be preserved. But we must also preserve the integrity of the United Kingdom and today’s announcement does not acknowledge this split. Effectively, Northern Ireland is being given special status in the UK, a status that millions of others will want and cannot be denied.

“Will Northern Ireland’s maternity wards suddenly become overwhelmed by women wanting to give birth there and obtain an EU passport? Or will there be some second-class citizens in the UK who will be denied the rights given to those who happen to have been born in Northern Ireland?

“The UK Government must decide what it wants, and not keep fudging issues that are fundamental to the constitutional integrity of this country. And as the details emerge, the British people have every right to keep an open mind about whether the Brexit that is delivered is the best thing for our country.”