Bradshaw - "A welcome step" that Labour will consider establishing a Brexit policy commission

At an event this afternoon in Cardiff, Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer committed to raising the issue of why the Labour Party doesn't have a policy commission on Brexit at this weekend's meeting of the National Policy Forum in Leeds. This follows a campaign by Open Britain and the Labour Campaign for the Single Market which saw more than 17,000 people write to the party over the past week.

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

"This is a welcome step and will hopefully lead to the establishment of a new policy commission that is fully dedicated to Brexit.

"I hope the entire National Policy Forum will agree that the absence of such a commission is problematic and inconsistent with our party's commitment to listening and responding to the views of our members.

“As we are reminded each and every day, Brexit is proving to be too costly and complicated to simply be swept under the carpet.

“The Government is all over the place. Labour must show we are able to provide answers and offer a clear and compelling alternative, and that means not being afraid to debate it and listen to the views of everyone within our party.”



Notes to editors:

Stephen Doughty MP was at the event and tweeted:

Very good to hear @Keir_Starmer commit to raising issue of why there is no @uklabour Policy Commission on #Brexit - at this weekend National Policy Forum

Further details about the campaign by Open Britain and the Labour Campaign for the Single Market: