Bradshaw – CQC report shows Brexit poses a real risk to the NHS

The NHS and social care system is “straining at the seams”, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) says in a report released on Tuesday.

The CQC also say that Brexit “is likely to impact further on staff recruitment”, due to the large number of staff in the NHS and the social care system who are citizens of other EU countries.

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of Open Britain and member of the House of Commons Health Select Committee, said:

“It’s clear that with winter coming, our NHS is under serious pressure. There is a real risk that Brexit will make the situation worse, not better.

“The CQC themselves acknowledge that Brexit is likely to have an impact on staffing, with tens of thousands of EU nationals working in our NHS and social care system. It’s clear the Government’s heartless and self-defeating refusal to guarantee their rights is already having an impact, with the number of nurses coming from the EU to work in Britain falling by 96% since the referendum.

“And there is still no sign of the fictional £350 million extra per week that Boris Johnson and other Leave campaigners promised. The Government urgently needs to act to protect our NHS, rather than allow Brexit to weaken it.”