Bradshaw – Government must act to keep EU agencies in Britain after Brexit

Britain could end up paying for the relocation costs of EU agencies leaving the UK for locations on the Continent, leaked European Commission documents reported by the Daily Telegraph suggest. 

The European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority employ around 900 people in the UK. 

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“Not only will this Government’s hard Brexit strategy destroy hundreds of British jobs in EU agencies, but we will be billed for the privilege as these jobs move to the Continent.

“It is a kick in the teeth for British taxpayers that they should have to fork out for relocation costs for jobs forced abroad by the Government’s obsession with removing the UK from EU agencies. 

“The Government should be fighting tooth and nail to keep these jobs in Britain, and to avoid regulatory disruption by pragmatically seeking to keep Britain in EU agencies that benefits our country.” 


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