Bradshaw – Government’s immigration plan is the opposite of common sense

The free movement of people from the European Union will still apply in Britain after Brexit, but not for people coming from the EU seeking to work in Britain, the Home Office is proposing according to reports in The Times. 

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Nobody who voted to leave the European Union expected Brexit to mean Britain losing control of immigration, yet that is exactly what the Government proposes.

“Restricting the right to come and work in Britain while leaving an open door for everyone else seems to be opposite of a common sense immigration system. It will not restrict anybody coming here from Europe who does not intend to work and may push other EU nationals into the black economy.

“The Government say we must leave the Single Market to restrict immigration but the their new proposed system offers little control while burdening British businesses with yet more red tape.” 

“Ministers need to put our economy first and put Single Market membership back on the table alongside a workable future immigration policy.”


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