Bradshaw – Government’s ‘copy and paste’ position on trade is absurd

Britain will seek to simply copy and paste existing free trade agreements negotiated by the EU, Theresa May revealed overnight. 

Speaking in Japan, she said: “When we leave the EU we are looking at obviously a number of trade deals the EU has with other countries and we are looking at the possibility of those being able to be brought over into - certainly initially - trade deals with the United Kingdom.” 

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Leave campaigners like Boris Johnson told us that a global Britain needed to leave the EU to sign new and better trade deals but it turns out the best the Government is aiming for is to copy and paste deals we already have through our membership of the EU.

“The Government’s position is absurd. They are pulling out of the Customs Union, which will damage our economy, in order to sign trade deals which will be no better – and could easily be worse – than the ones we have now.

“Ministers have to stop putting their faith in imaginary future deals, and focus on securing trade with the EU, our biggest economic partner. That means continued membership of the Customs Union and the Single Market.”


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