Bradshaw – Ministers rhetoric on transition will lead to Brexit cliff-edge

Commenting on the joint statement that Chancellor Phillip Hammond and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox have put out declaring that the UK will leave the Customs Union during any Brexit transition deal, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

"Cabinet Ministers may be desperately trying to put on a display of hard Brexit unity but over a year after the referendum, there is still an alarming lack of clarity about what the Government's negotiating position is.

"Ministers keep relying on rhetoric that does not stand up to scrutiny in reality. They promise to get a deal with Europe that delivers the 'exact same benefits' as now but with absolutely no evidence about how that can be achieved.

"Pulling Britain out of the Single Market and the Customs Union in 2019 will drive our economy over a cliff edge - putting jobs and family finances at risk.

"Nobody voted to be poorer last year but that is exactly what will happen if the Government continues to put Eurosceptic dogma ahead of the national interest.

"Instead Ministers should be putting our economy first and British membership of the Single Market and Customs Union at the heart of their negotiating strategy."