Bradshaw – Queen’s Speech shows that the Government must drop its ‘tens of thousands’ immigration target

The failure of the Government to even mention their ‘tens of thousands’ target for cutting annual net migration in the Queen’s Speech shows that Ministers are “going cold” on the target which should be dropped as Government policy, the Open Britain campaign says today.

The Queen’s Speech includes a new Immigration Bill, which will, the Government says, “allow for the repeal of EU law on immigration, primarily free movement, that will otherwise be saved and converted into UK law by the Repeal Bill”, and “make the migration of EU nationals and their family members subject to relevant UK law once the UK has left the EU.”

However, it makes no mention whatsoever of the Government’s policy of cutting annual net migration to the ‘tens of thousands.’ 

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“The Government’s refusal to commit to the ‘tens of thousands’ target in their proposed Immigration Bill is welcome, if it means that Ministers are going cold on this damaging idea.

“Forcing such deep cuts in immigration would leave our public services and our economy suffering from crippling skills shortages.

“But simply not mentioning the policy in public is not good enough. The Government should come out and say once and for all that they are dropping the target. Instead, they should put forward a post-Brexit immigration policy that supports our economy, rather than smothering it.” 


Notes to editors:

Open Britain and the Independent have been campaigning for the Government to Drop the Target: