Bradshaw – Staying in the Customs Union the right choice for jobs, exports and Northern Ireland

Downing Street are continuing to resist cross-party moves to keep the United Kingdom in the Customs Union.

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

Staying in the Customs Union is the right choice for manufacturing jobs and exports, for peace in Northern Ireland, for avoiding chaos at our ports and for maintaining the more than 65 trade deals we have around the world.

“On the Today Programme Kenneth Clarke was right to dismiss claims that the Government would treat the issue of Customs Union membership as a matter of confidence as nothing more than ‘panic’ from ‘apparatchiks’.

“As serious Parliamentarians know, the Fixed Term Parliaments Act removed the ability of the Government of the day to designate this or that issue as a matter of confidence. The Government understand the realities of operating in a hung Parliament. That is why today’s bluster should not be taken too seriously.

“Instead we should be focusing on the real issues at stake here. How we keep the high value-added industries that rely on long and complex cross-European supply chains operating smoothly. How we preserve peace and progress in Northern Ireland. These are what should be at the heart of the debate on the Customs Union, not internal party squabbling.”