Brake – Government’s approach on citizens’ rights for EEA nationals is shameful

Background information released today by the Government today provides an overview of ongoing talks on citizens’ rights with the three countries which, in addition to the EU member states, make up the European Economic Area. 

The information released by the Government suggests that the deal agreed in December on EU nationals’ rights could be extended to citizens from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein but makes no guarantees on this, nor does it spell out how citizens from these countries will be treated post-Brexit in the UK.  


Commenting, Tom Brake MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“Today’s announcement by the Government once again demonstrates the awful uncertainty that citizens are feeling about Brexit, including those from countries who are not even in the EU.

“In a shameful twist in the Government’s approach so far to citizens’ rights, the rights of nationals from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in the UK have been treated as some kind of afterthought, as if their rights were somehow less important.

“The Government can end any uncertainty for EU and EEA nationals in the UK by doing the right thing of guaranteeing their rights now and not making them subject to any kind of negotiations. People are human beings, they are not bargaining chips.”



Notes to editors:

The link to the latest report by the Government on talks with the three EEA countries on citizens’ rights can be found here: