Brake – Time for Theresa May to drop the damaging ‘tens of thousands’ immigration target

In response to Theresa May’s comments on reducing the rights of EU citizens moving to this country during any Brexit transition period, Open Britain is repeating its call for the Government to ‘Drop the Target’ on immigration.

The damaging nature of the Government’s arbitrary target to reduce immigration to the ‘tens of thousands’ was exposed again last night, with BuzzFeed reporting that the Government’s own leaked Brexit impact assessments found that the cost to the British economy of cutting migration from the EU would be significantly greater than the benefits brought by any US trade deal.


Commenting, Tom Brake MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“It would be an extraordinary dereliction of duty for Theresa May to put the Brexit negotiations at risk in pursuit of her arbitrary cap on immigration, which her own Government admits would hammer our economy.

“The Prime Minister may or may not get her way on this latest confected row over immigration but it will not take her anywhere closer to meeting the ‘tens of thousands’ target. Instead it will introduce uncertainty for families and add to recruitment and retention costs for business.

“It looks very much like Theresa May has constructed this fight to shore up her position in the Conservative Party and nothing more. It is time to drop this damaging and destructive target.”



Notes to editors:

BuzzFeeds new reporting on the leaked Brexit impact assessments can be read here.