Bryant – Disgraceful that May won’t guarantee rights of EU citizens

Commenting on Theresa May’s interview on LBC this evening, Chris Bryant MP, leading supporter of Open Britain said:

“That the Prime Minister refuses to say which way she’d vote if there were another referendum, and clearly doesn’t believe in Brexit in her heart of hearts, makes her hard Brexit policy all the more irresponsible.

“Her refusal to guarantee the rights of 3 million EU citizens living in the UK has again exposed the cruelty at the heart of this Government’s destructive Brexit policy. These are people who contribute to our country and who are vital to the survival of our NHS. 

“And UK citizens living in the EU will not be at all reassured by the Prime Minister’s deeply worrying admission that she “doesn’t know” what will happen to them in the case of a no deal Brexit.

“The Prime Minister and her Government must stop treating human beings as bargaining chips in these negotiations, withdraw their threat to wrench the UK out of the EU with no deal and immediately guarantee the rights of all EU citizens living legally in this country.”