Bryant – Government’s security position paper lacks clear and detailed proposals

Commenting on the release today of the Government’s Brexit position paper on ‘Foreign policy, defence and development’, Chris Bryant MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Government is right to be aiming for the continuation of Britain’s close security partnership with the EU. Any relationship less close than that we enjoy today will damage Britain’s standing in the world and potentially make our citizens, and those of the rest of Europe, less safe.

“However, this paper is very long on hopes and short on concrete plans and information. The Government is aiming for an unprecedentedly close deal between the EU and a non-member state, and negotiating that will require clear and detailed proposals.

“Above all, the Government needs to drop its absurd threat to leave the European Union with no deal or to withdraw security cooperation. This paper makes clear how valuable that cooperation with the EU is, something Boris Johnson and several other ministers repeatedly denied and misled people about during the referendum campaign. 

“Of course we should cooperate with the EU on security and foreign affairs. It’s bizarre that anyone might have thought otherwise. Maintaining our international influence and guaranteeing our national security after Brexit is vital.

“It’s just a shame that the Government still has no concrete plans for making sure our voice is still heard when we’re no longer sitting at the table.”


Notes to editors:

Open Britain will be releasing a background briefing, taking an in-depth analytical look at this position paper, later today.