Bryant – May confronting difficult and complex reality of Brexit

It is time for the UK Government to “make up its mind” about what it wants the future relationship between Britain and the EU to be, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said today as Theresa May arrived at the European Council summit in Brussels.  

It came as Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that trade talks between the EU and the UK might not begin until March.

Commenting, Chris Bryant MP, leading supporter of Open Britain and former Europe Minister, said:

“Theresa May expected to go to this European Council summit in triumph. Instead, despite the noises of sympathy from European leaders, she is learning just how complicated and difficult Brexit is.

“The Dutch Prime Minister says EU leaders do not know what the British Government wants out of the next phase of talks – hardly surprising given that the Cabinet hasn’t even discussed it amongst themselves.

“And contrary to claims this week by Ministers, it is now clear that discussions on trade talks won’t even begin until March. These will take many years to negotiate a worse relationship than we currently enjoy.

“The Prime Minister is now confronting the reality Brexit is far more complex and costly than we were ever told. As these new facts come to light, the British people have the right to keep an open mind about whether this is really the best future for our country.”