Bryant – NAO report shows customs service set for chaos after Brexit

Customs declarations are expected to increase by 360% after Brexit while immigration officials face making more than double the number of decisions, the National Audit Office has found in a report released today.

Commenting, Chris Bryant MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“This bombshell report lays bare the disastrous potential consequences of the Government’s ideological choice to leave the Customs Union.

“There is little chance HMRC will have the time and resources to expand their customs operation – and all the staff and infrastructure that requires – in the time available.

“This points to a nightmare scenario of lorries backed up for miles at Dover, disruption of our food supply, and a massive increase in costs to British businesses which trade abroad. That would cost jobs and send our economy hurtling off a cliff. 

“And all this to pursue a fantasy of new global trade deals, which in reality cannot replace the trade we do with the European Union and will take years to negotiate.”

“The only way to protect our economy and avoid total chaos at our borders is for the Government to change course and keep Britain in the Customs Union.”


Notes to editors:

The NAO’s report is here: