Bryant – “Theresa May should be embarrassed by Trump’s support for a hard Brexit”

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has claimed that US President Donald Trump cancelled his trip to Britain because: Britain needs to focus on those Brexit negotiations right now, which is really important to them, and I think the President realizes that’s where Prime Minister May really needs to focus her attention.”

Secretary Tillerson, speaking on a flight to California, also reminded reporters of Donald Trump’s outspoken support for Brexit.

Commenting Chris Bryant MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

"Donald Trump has a narrow nationalist vision of 'America First'. The idea he cares about the UK's national interests is laughable. He has repeatedly insulted our country and our values.

"The fact that Theresa May's policy of hard Brexit is approved of by Trump ought to be deeply embarrassing to the Prime Minister and a signal to us all that leaving the Single Market and Customs Union is not the right policy for the UK and its people.

“As Mrs May fumbles her way towards a damaging hard Brexit she is relying more and more on the least stable of allies, Donald Trump, whose idea of a good deal with the UK would doubtless include us selling the NHS as well as deregulating food standards.”