Bryant – Trade Bill rides roughshod over parliamentary scrutiny

Commenting on the publication today of the Government’s Trade Bill, Chris Bryant MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Ministerial power grab is fast becoming this Government’s standard MO. This Bill rides roughshod over the rights of the public and Parliament to scrutinise the Government’s trade policy after we leave the EU.

“There is nothing in the Bill about giving MPs a binding vote on future trade deals negotiated by the Government. And the Bill raises the prospect that our deals with third countries could be altered – quite possibly for the worst – and then pushed through Parliament without primary legislation. 

“On the day after President Trump’s commerce secretary came to Britain to tell us to sacrifice our environmental and food safety standards to get a trade deal with the US, this sets an alarming precedent.

“The reality is, trade deals with other countries will never make up for what we will lose from leaving the European Single Market, and the Government knows it.”