Bryant – Trumps disgraceful actions reinforces how important it is we retain a close relationship with Europe

Commenting on Donald Trump’s retweeting of tweets posted by Britain First, Chris Bryant MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“By publicising the hateful views of this convicted racist Donald Trump is effectively inciting hatred in this country. It is truly depressing and disgraceful that the man who is meant to be leader of the free world should be supporting a group like Britain First. They are fascists, plain and simple – we must call them out for what they are.

“The President’s actions just underline how little, sadly, we can rely on the United States to provide mature global leadership at a time like this. Brexiters who are betting the house on a deal with an America First President like Trump are in danger of losing their shirts. 

“This just reinforces how important it is that we retain the closest possible relationship with our neighbours and allies in continental Europe. A hard, destructive Brexit and Trump in the White House will leave Britain truly isolated in the world.

“Nobody voted in our referendum to alienate Europe and ally ourselves with a US President who supports far-right movements. Voters have the right to make final judgment on whether that is really the future they want for Britain.”