Bryant – UK Government should listen to sensible and pragmatic Welsh Government Brexit report

The Welsh Labour Government and Plaid Cymru have today released a new white paper, calling on the Government to protect Wales’ interests in its Brexit negotiations.

They call on the Government to keep full access to the Single Market; agree a transitional trading deal with the EU; fully replace EU funding streams that benefit Wales; retain UK participation in EU programmes like Erasmus and Horizon 2020; and keep the environmental, consumer protection and workers’ rights laws that are enshrined by our membership of the EU.

Commenting, Chris Bryant MP, supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“A majority of Welsh people voted for Brexit, but they did not vote for a Brexit that puts jobs and growth at risk.

“This report outlines a sensible, pragmatic approach which will respect the wishes of the people of Wales while retaining the EU trade and EU investment that support so many thousands of Welsh jobs.

“If the Government are serious about protecting industry and jobs in Wales, they will keep the UK in the single market, rather than leaving with no trade deal at all and imposing destructive barriers on Welsh exports to Europe.”


Notes to editors:

The Welsh Government’s white paper, Brexit: Securing Wales’ Future, is here: