Bryant – Unilever decision “another sign of weakening business environment”

Unilever have announced they will no longer have a corporate headquarters in the UK.

Commenting, Chris Bryant MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“Unilever's decision to pick the Netherlands over the UK is another sign of the weakening of the business environment in Britain since the referendum. 

Britain has slumped from the fastest growing developed economy to the slowest; the pound has taken a hammering, leading to higher prices in our shops; and shares on the London stock market are in the worst rated international asset class. 

Brexit is already doing serious damage and Unilever's decision will only add to the unease that the Government is causing by yanking us out of the world's largest common market and free trade area.

As the damage Brexit is doing to Britain's economic strength becomes clearer, we all have the right to ask if it is really the right decision for our country."