Carberry – PM must give more detail on bloody difficult Brexit process

Commenting on the Prime Minister saying that she will be “bloody difficult” to Jean-Claude Juncker, Joe Carberry, co-executive director of Open Britain, said:

“When our EU counterparts put the chances of a chaotic Brexit with no deal at more than 50 per cent, the country needs fewer soundbites and more focus on dealing with the dangers that stem from the Prime Minister’s decision to leave the Single Market.

“People were promised a cost-free Brexit, but already this is starting to unravel. The Government will fail to deliver a trade deal that gives the ‘exact same benefits’ as membership of the Single Market, as they have promised, and are now indulging the catastrophic prospect of Brexit with no deal at all. 

“The Prime Minister is constrained by self-imposed red-lines which will make Brexit more painful, and this election must deny Theresa May a blank cheque to pursue a hard Brexit at any cost.

“We need far more detail from the Government on the bloody difficult process of Brexit than they are providing at present.”