Civitas admit Britain is more dependent on EU trade for jobs

Eurosceptic think tank Civitas have admitted that millions of British jobs are linked to our exports to the EU, and that proportionately far more British jobs are linked to exports to the EU than EU jobs linked to exports to the UK.

In a new paper, ‘UK-EU trade and jobs linked to exports’, Civitas calculate that 3.6 million UK jobs are linked to our exports to the EU. This is higher than the figure of 3.2 million figure used by Remain campaigners during the referendum.

Civitas also say 5.8 million EU jobs are dependent on trade with Britain. Their own figures show that this amounts to 3.05% of EU jobs. However, the 3.6 million figure amounts to a full 11.45% of British jobs – demonstrating that the UK is more economically dependent on the EU than vice versa and that therefore we have the most to lose from a trade arrangement with the EU that erects new barriers.

This demonstrates how crucial it is for UK jobs that we remain a member of the European Single Market.

Commenting, Pat McFadden MP, speaking for the Open Britain campaign, said:

“Even Leave campaigners admit that if our trade relationship with Europe becomes more distant with barriers in place, UK jobs would be at risk. These figures also underline how much is at stake for the UK economy in the forthcoming negotiation.

“As the Prime Minister has heard from big employers telling her they rely on the UK’s full access to the single market, she will realise how high the stakes are for the UK economy.

“Falling back onto World Trade Organisation rules or a weak free trade agreement would provide inferior access to that we currently enjoy, damaging the UK economy.

“Again we see that the Leave campaign’s economic argument relies on new trade deals with other countries that are not guaranteed and are years away at best. This is fantasy economics that underlines just how vital it is that Britain stays a member of the EU Single Market.”