Clegg – Commons must find the nerve to back Lords amendment

Commenting on the vote in the House of Lords which passed an amendment to the Article 50 EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill that will allow Parliament to have a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal, Nick Clegg MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

“The Lords have rightly stood up for parliamentary sovereignty and refused to write the Government a blank cheque for hard Brexit. The Commons must now find the nerve to do the same.

“Our elected representatives must be offered more than just a bad-deal-or-no-deal ultimatum at the end of the negotiations – the parliamentary equivalent of being asked whether you would prefer to lose an arm or a leg.

“I would urge MPs of all parties, including Brexiters who campaigned to Leave on the basis of parliamentary sovereignty, to stop Parliament being neutered.

“Parliament has a long history of ratifying treaties. What is the Government scared of? If they cannot bring back a deal they are prepared to put before MPs, then it cannot be a deal that is good enough for Britain.”