Clifford - New video exposes the real NHS agenda of the Brexiters

With Boris Johnson reportedly demanding that the Cabinet agree to increase spending on the health service, Open Britain has released a video highlighting the real agenda of the Brexiters for our NHS.

Commenting, Alex Clifford, Head of Digital at Open Britain, said:

"Boris Johnson cynically used the NHS in the referendum campaign and now that his promise to increase health service funding by £350 million a week has been revealed as a lie, he is in a panic. As our video shows, Brextremists like him have never truly valued our NHS.

"His plans for a hard Brexit would deprive the NHS of funding, starve it of vital staff and could destroy public confidence in it as a service we can all rely on.

"As new facts about the impact of Brexit on the NHS continue to emerge, everyone has the right to keep an open mind.”