Comments by British Nobel Prize winners show the government must get a good Brexit deal for UK science

Two of the British scientists who were awarded Nobel Prizes earlier this week have said that Brexit has created difficulties for UK science.

Sir Fraser Stoddart, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, and Duncan Haldane, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics, have both warned that loss of EU funding, and restrictions on the ability of European scientists to come to Britain, will undermine UK science.

Commenting for the Open Britain campaign, Pat McFadden MP said:

“The awarding of Nobel Prizes to British scientists shows how successful the UK has been at science, and how crucial it is to our economy. As Duncan Haldane and Sir Fraser Stoddart have said, co-operating closely with the EU has been a vital element of that success.

“80 per cent of our international scientific collaborations are done with European partners. And thousands of researchers from EU countries come to work in Britain, contributing brilliantly to our universities and our economy.

“No politician should seek to do anything that would undermine our science sector. That’s why the government must push for a deal which keeps open the collaboration and exchange of talent that is vital to world leading science and research.”