Creagh – David Davis trying to get through complex Brexit negotiations with combination of bluster and bravado

Brexit Secretary David Davis appeared before the parliamentary European Scrutiny Committee earlier today and suggested that Brexit will still happen even if Parliament uses the ‘meaningful vote’ granted under Amendment 7 to the EU Withdrawal Bill to reject the Brexit deal negotiated by the Government.  

Commenting, Mary Creagh MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

"David Davis seems to believe the Government can get through the complexity of the Brexit negotiations with a combination of bluster and bravado.

“The Brexit Secretary and his Cabinet colleagues have got to offer Parliament and the public more than just warm words and dreams about eating cake and picking cherries.

“The Government may still be smarting from their defeat in the Commons on the meaningful vote but, as someone who used to believe in parliamentary sovereignty, David Davis should understand that the people’s elected representatives in Parliament should be able to reject the deal if it does not deliver for Britain and send the Government back to the negotiating table.”