Creagh – Trump’s tariffs prove he’s not going to rescue us from economic damage of Brexit

President Donald Trump today signed into effect new tariffs on steel and aluminium: 25% for steel and 10% for aluminium. Canada and Mexico were exempted from the tariffs, but the UK was not.

Commenting, Mary Creagh MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

"Trump's tariffs prove he's not going to come to the rescue and save us from the economic damage of Brexit. For him it is, and always will be, ‘America First and everyone else second’ when it comes to trade.

"It shows how weak the arguments of the Brexiters are when they say Trump will give us some sweetheart trade deal: he had the chance to exempt the UK from tariffs tonight and chose not to.

"With someone like Trump in the White House, everyone is entitled to keep an open mind about whether severing our close ties with Europe is the right path for our country."