Creasy – Davis should dump the excuses

Brexit Secretary David Davis has complained about the European Commission publishing a position paper on the legal ramifications of a transition period following the UK leaving the EU.

 Commenting, Stella Creasy MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

David Davis is the ‘dog ate my homework’ Minister, refusing to take responsibility for the state of the Brexit negotiations. 

We are almost 18 months into the Brexit process and ministers are still unable to tell us what they want from Brexit but are never slow to find anyone else to blame for their own indecision. 

Blaming someone else might play well with a small number of Conservative backbenchers, but it doesn’t impress any business considering whether to invest in Britain. 

Maybe he and the rest of the Cabinet should instead find the courage to admit they should extend the Article 50 process to give them time to sort out what they want.”