Creasy – Government’s unnecessary choice to leave Customs Union will cripple businesses

The Government today introduced its Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill, otherwise known as the Customs Bill, for its second reading. The Bill, if passed, would allow the Government to levy customs duties on goods traded with the EU.

Commenting, Stella Creasy MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Government's unnecessary choice to leave the Customs Union, and their lack of a serious and credible alternative framework, increases the chances that we could crash into chaos and confusion after Brexit.

“The complications, costs and red-tape that will burden our businesses if we leave the Customs Union will be crippling. Thousands of British companies would have to pay VAT upfront on EU imports for the first time. The Government says it wants ‘free and frictionless trade’, but this is impossible outside the Customs Union and the Government knows it.

“The truth is, no amount of fantasy future trade deals will be able to make up for the trade lost and damage done by leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union."