Creasy – PM’s failure to confirm publication date of promised Brexit White Paper creates “unprecedented” situation

At Prime Minister’s Questions today, Theresa May failed to say when her Government’s promised ‘Brexit White Paper’ would be published. 

This document was supposedly aimed at clarifying the Government’s Brexit negotiating position ahead of the upcoming EU summit in June, but it remains unclear whether it will now be published before the summit takes place.


Commenting, Stella Creasy MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Next week, MPs from all parties will be asked to vote on amendments that are crucial to the future of our country, but thanks to Theresa May’s failure to produce the promised Brexit White Paper, they’ll be expected to do so without knowing what the Government’s position on Brexit even is.

“This is an unprecedented situation for our country, in which MPs from both major political parties are being asked to vote in favour of a course of action that they know will make their constituents worse-off, and for which the Government has no clear plan.

“With the Government in chaos, and with Parliament divided on the best way forward, we need a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal so that the 65 million people of this country can sort out the mess being made of the process by the politicians in Westminster.”