Cross-party MPs from the Open Britain campaign will hold the Government to account for their Brexit Contract with the British people

Leading cross-party MPs from the Open Britain campaign will today [Tuesday] launch The Government’s Brexit Contract with the British people, a document which sets out what the Government and Vote Leave have promised to deliver from the UK’s departure from the European Union. 

Ahead of the triggering of Article 50, Nicky Morgan MP, Chris Leslie MP and Nick Clegg MP will unveil the Brexit Contract at an event in Central London. The will argue that the Government have set out on a course towards hard Brexit because the direction of travel was based on the direction of travel set by the Vote Leave campaign. 

The Government’s Brexit Contract contains ten promises the Open Britain campaign believe the British people will expect to be delivered and will spend the next two years, as the Article 50 negotiations unfold, holding the Government to account for them.

Open Britain have campaigned for Parliament to be given a meaningful say on the final deal at the end of the negotiations. The cross-party MPs will repeat that call by saying as patriots, they want what is best for the country; as realists, they are sceptical about the Government’s ability to deliver it; and as democrats, they believe people and Parliament should be able to make a judgement on whether that is being delivered.

The ten promises contained in the The Government’s Brexit Contract with the British people are: 

  1. EU TRADE. The ‘exact same benefits’ delivered as we currently have within the Single Market and Customs Union.
  2. TRADE DEALS. Lots of new trade deals with new countries that are ready to sign on the day of our departure from the EU.
  3. MONEY. Savings from contributions invested in public services, including £350m a week for the NHS. 
  4. NORTHERN IRELAND. No changes to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.
  5. RIGHTS. Citizens’, workers’ and environmental rights currently guaranteed by membership of the EU to be fully protected.
  6. SECURITY. A deal on security that maintains and enhances our cooperation with the EU. 
  7. UNITED KINGDOM. The integrity of the Union protected and made stronger.
  8. SCIENCE. Science and research partnerships with the EU strengthened. 
  9. DATE. The UK will be fully out, including required ratification, in 2019.
  10. IMMIGRATION. A dramatic reduction in net migration while also keeping the UK open to the talent and skills that UK business need.

The cross-party MPs argue the political choices the Government has made, not least pulling the UK out of the Single Market and Customs Union, makes it very difficult for them to honour the promises made in the Brexit Contract. A failure to do so increases the risk of the UK crashing out of the EU with no deal at all.

Writing in the foreword to the Brexit Contract, Nicky Morgan MP, Chris Leslie MP, Nick Clegg MP and say:

“The phoney war is over. The Government will trigger Article 50 and officially commence the process of the UK leaving the EU. This fulfils the mandate of June 23rd 2016 and a new national debate must now take place over what is in the UK’s national interest.

“There is no mandate for the form Brexit takes: responsibility for the outcome now rests with those conducting negotiations and those advocating a hard Brexit.

“As this process takes place we must ensure people are equipped to make judgements on whether negotiations meet the expectations they had when they voted last year, whether promises made then and since are being fulfilled, and whether our country and economy are likely to be stronger as a consequence of decisions now being taken. 

“A clear direction of travel has been set by the Government – and it is largely based on that set by the Vote Leave campaign. 

“Vote Leave and the Government have made specific promises: leaving is a cost-free option; trade will be enhanced not hampered; there will be major savings from the EU budget; core arrangements with the EU, for example over national security, will remain unchanged; and the integrity of the United Kingdom will be protected. 

“Now that Article 50 is being triggered, people will expect these promises to be delivered: this is the Government’s Brexit Contract with the British people.

“As patriots, we want the best for our country. As realists, we fear the Government’s Brexit Contract may not deliver that outcome. And as democrats, we think that should be a judgement people and Parliament are able to make.

“Here we set out the Government’s Brexit Contract with the British people so they can be held to account throughout the Article 50 process.”


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The full Brexit Contract document is here:

The Brexit Contract has been turned into a handy card for Open Britain’s campaigners to use on the ground: