Dhamija – May CBI speech offered only vagueness and warm words

Commenting on Theresa May’s speech at the CBI conference earlier today, Dinesh Dhamija, leading supporter of Open Britain and founder of Ebookers, said:

“After the CBI revealed that 10 per cent of businesses in this country have already passed the point at which they need to trigger their Brexit contingency plan, and with others soon to follow, the Prime Minister today needed to reassure British businesses that they will not be left worse off by Brexit.

“Instead, her CBI speech contained only more vagueness and warm words. It just isn’t good enough for companies who need to make decisions about hiring and investment now. 

“The Government’s hard Brexit strategy is putting jobs at risk. Nobody voted in the referendum to make businesses worse off and damage our economy. As the consequences of Theresa May’s decision to leave the Single Market and Customs Union become clear, voters have a right to think again about the dangerous course she is taking this country on.”