Doughty – Chancellor and Brexit Secretary should save the air fare and stay in Single Market

The Chancellor and the Brexit Secretary are both in Germany today to lobby for a continued single market in financial services. 

Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaignsaid: 

"The Chancellor and the Brexit Secretary are busy spending taxpayers' money travelling round the continent pleading with our European partners that Britain be given a post-Brexit deal that maintains a single market in financial services. 

"They could save themselves the air fare and the hassle and remove the cloud of uncertainty hanging over British jobs and families by instead committing to remaining members of the European Single Market and Customs Union: the world's biggest free trade agreements. 

"Ministers have already agreed to that as part of what they call a 'transitional arrangement' but have never been clear on what it is a transition to. But it is obvious that they would not be spending their time begging for favours from the German government if they were not concerned it will be a descent to something much worse than we have today."