Doughty – Customs Bill will hammer our economy by dragging Britain out of the Customs Union

Commenting on the publication yesterday of the Government’s Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“This Bill would hammer our economy, risk chaos at our ports and put Northern Ireland’s stability in jeopardy by dragging Britain out of the Customs Union.

“Europe is by far our biggest trading partner, buying nearly half of everything we sell, and leaving the Customs Union would erect barriers to that trade, putting jobs at risk.

“At its heart, the Bill is based on an absurd fantasy that new trade deals will compensate for lost trade with Europe, something the Treasury and the Prime Minister herself have roundly dismissed.

“No-one voted for a chaotic and economically damaging Brexit. If the reality of leaving the EU does not match up to promises made by the Government, voters have a right to keep an open mind.”