Doughty – Customs report shows scale and complexity of the problems that leaving the Customs Union would create

The Home Affairs Committee today released a report entitled ‘Home Office delivery of Brexit: customs operations’, highlighting the complexity of potential post-Brexit customs arrangements. The Government is also reportedly making plans to present MPs on Monday with preparatory plans to leave the Customs Union.

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, member of the Home Affairs Committee and leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Government seems determined to put up barriers to trade with Europe, and on Monday it will take a further step towards this.

“But today’s report highlights the sheer scale and complexity of the problems that leaving the Customs Union will create and the huge costs of setting up new facilities and thousands of new customs and border staff.

“Nearly half our trade is with the EU, and the possible imposition of new red tape and queues at the ports is unthinkable for many businesses. A ‘no deal’ outcome in March 2019 would cause utter chaos, resulting in huge tail-backs at our ports and the return of a hard border in Northern Ireland.

“Nobody voted for this during the referendum. The Government should immediately drop its reckless threat of leaving with no deal. And as new facts emerge about what Brexit will entail, people should keep an open mind about whether this is the right direction for our country.”


Notes to Editors

The full Home Affairs Committee report can be read here