Doughty – David Davis seems to have lost all grip on reality

Commenting on David Davis’ interview on the Andrew Marr Show, in which he claimed he can negotiate a ‘Canada+++’ trade deal with the EU by March 2019, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“It is hard to take anything the Brexit Secretary says seriously. After potentially misleading Parliament and the public over the Brexit impact assessments, he now seems to have lost all grip on reality.

“His claim that he can secure an unprecedentedly good trade deal with the EU by March 2019 is a dangerous fantasy. Any deal will take many years, and will be significantly worse than the relationship we currently have with Europe. 

“And his and other Brexiters’ claims that the agreement on the divorce issues is contingent on getting a trade deal is of great concern. Within 48 hours the fragile consensus in Cabinet on the money and on Northern Ireland has been shattered. 

“Mr Davis and other Brextremists are panicking because they know the kind of Brexit they promised is not deliverable. As the public see how costly and complicated it will be they have every right to think again.”