Doughty – Davis’s Maltese gaffe suggests he “does not have a grip on his job”

Brexit Secretary David Davis is in Malta today (Wednesday) and has written an opinion piece in which he calls for a trade deal that includes “zero tariffs on services” (attached below).

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

David Davis has been Brexit Secretary for 15 months but his article in the Times of Malta suggests he still does not have a grip on his job. 

He says he wants a trade deal that imposes zero tariffs on services. But there are no tariffs on services. You don’t pay a tariff on legal advice at frontiers or have to get a stamp from a customs official on an email.

The issue with services is about non-tariff barriers and if David Davis doesn’t get that he’s in the wrong job.

As it becomes clear that Ministers do not even understand the basics of the trade deal they say they are trying to negotiate if we leave the EU, we are all entitled to ask if Brexit is right for our country.”