Doughty – “Divide and conquer” approach to Brexit ending in “humiliation”

The Institute for Government have today (Wednesday) published a new report warning against a “divide and conquer” approach to Brexit negotiations.

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

Theresa May gave the job of negotiating Brexit to possibly the three people least qualified to do it.

David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox all believed their own propaganda that they held all the cards, that the EU27 would be desperate to do a deal on the Brexiters terms, and that they could secure all the rights of EU membership without meeting any of the obligations. 

Above all they thought a divide and conquer strategy would deliver them quick wins.

They have been wrong about everything and the outcome has been one humiliation after another. 

As the evidence grows that the Brexiters’ promises cannot be delivered, we all have the right to keep an open mind on whether Brexit is right for our country.”