Doughty – “Foreign Secretary’s love for himself comes first, as always”

The Cabinet’s Brexit negotiations sub-committee meets this morning to begin two crucial days of talks on forming a UK negotiating mandate.

 Yet overnight Boris Johnson has briefed the press on his plans to set out his own vision of a post-Brexit Britain: one very far away from pledges given when the government sought to secure a first phase agreement with the EU before Christmas. Then ministers pledged close alignment with the EU so as to avoid a hard border in Ireland. Today the foreign secretary is briefing he wants deregulation and no alignment.


Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said:

Once again Cabinet ministers are assembling for a meeting under the shadow of Boris Johnson’s ego, with the Foreign Secretary determined to publicly seduce the hard core of anti-Europeans in the Conservative Party in a Valentine’s Day speech.

“As always, the Foreign Secretary’s love for himself, his career and his personal advancement has trumped everything else. It is no surprise that, just as the Cabinet meet to discuss a negotiating mandate for final status talks, Boris Johnson has let it be known he will make a speech freelancing on the issues.

“Britain’s national interest always comes second to the personal interests of Brextremists like Boris Johnson.”