Doughty – Fox’s “fantasy trade deals” won’t even come close to benefits of Customs Union

Overseas Trade Minister Liam Fox is to make a speech at Bloomberg tomorrow (27 February) in which he will argue against British membership of the Customs Union.

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of the Open Britain campaign, said: 

Staying in the Customs Union protects jobs, secures investment and is absolutely necessary to avoid a hard border in Ireland.

“Liam Fox thinks we should throw that away in pursuit of fantasy trade deals. He has been in his job for 18 months, cannot guarantee we can even keep our existing trade deals if we leave the Customs Union, but expects us to believe him when he says he can deliver more.

“The recently leaked analysis produced by the Government in which Liam Fox is a Minister concluded that new trade deals won’t even close to compensating for the costs of leaving the Single Market and Customs Union.

The Customs Union has little or no bearing on services either. Liam Fox must think we were all born yesterday.”