Doughty – Government must put meat on the bones of their Brexit proposals

The UK must provide “clarity” about what it wants from the Brexit talks, European Commission negotiator Michel Barnier has said as the latest round of negotiations on the UK’s exit from the EU begin in Brussels.

He said: “This moment should be a moment of clarity. What’s important now is for the government of the UK to translate the speech into a clear negotiating position.”

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said: 

“Theresa May’s Florence speech was much hyped but she failed to put any real meat on the bones of her proposals. On many issues – most noticeably the future UK-EU relationship once transition ends – the Prime Minister was unacceptably vague.

“Michel Barnier’s comments today show that the EU is unable to properly negotiate on any of the issues raised by Theresa May until they see some concrete proposals from the Government.

“It’s time for David Davis to do his homework and come up with some clarity. If he doesn’t, yet another round of talks will achieve nothing and we will take one step closer to a destructive, extreme no-deal Brexit.”