Doughty – Government should be ashamed for talking out votes at 16 Bill



The Private Members Bill seeking to reduce the voting age to 16 has been talked out of the House of Commons by Government MPs today.

Commenting, Stephen Doughty MP, leading supporter of Open Britain, said:

“The Government should be ashamed of their conduct today. Talking out a debate of this importance is a slap in the face to millions of young people across our country.

“Young people were passionately in favour of remaining in the EU and many feel alienated from politics and the democratic process as a result. Ministers should be doing whatever they can to increase democratic participation and power among young people, not silencing debate on their right to vote.

“The Government have won the battle today, but they will lose the war. They should legislate to give 16 and 17 year olds the democratic rights they deserve before they are forced to by public and parliamentary pressure.”